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Ovation Series Fence Styles

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povamlOvation is a simple design which uses larger rails and pickets to meet most swimming pool enclosure codes without sacrificing strength. No pickets are exposed either above or below the rails for added safety. In addition, all Ovation style gates are equipped with a pool safety latch, similar to the one shown on the left. This latch has a built-in keylock and is magnetic triggered for reliable latching every time.

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100 Series Stylesp101 

Style #101 is our traditional wrought iron design. The points of the pickets are even across the top of the section.


200 Series Fence Styles

Style #202 is a more modern design with a smooth rail on top rather than exposed picket points.


Style #100 is a variation of #101 with staggered picket points for something a little more distinctive.


Style #200 is a modification of #202 which combines the safety of a top rail with the traditional look of pointed pickets below the rail.


Style #111 is a version of Style #101 that is constructed to accept Imperial or Majestic finials instead of the standard picket points.

Modified Style #200 or #202 are variations of the above. They are only available in a 54" height and are designed to meet stringent pool enclosure codes that require a 45" spacing between horizontal rails. These fences are modified so that they do not have the pickets
extending below the bottom rail. p200


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